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I'm a London-based book artist and illustrator and make mixed-media artists’ books for my small press imprint Rag-&-Bone Shop books. My books typically deploy the languages of fairy-tale and archetype, inventively mobilising photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, stitching, letterpress and typewriter art, often to reinterpret canonical literary historical texts - notably by Blake, Dickens and De Quincey.


My work has featured in group shows in Britain and New York, in ‘Typewriter Art’, ed. Barrie Tullett, ‘In Praise of Beautiful Books’,

ed. C. Mornement,‘Fairy-tales and Fables from Weimar Days’, ed. Jack Zipes, and is held in private and public collections, including those of the British Library and University of London.


My textiles sculptures and book jewellery are stocked by Rommany on Etsy and South-London boutiques Stag and Bow and Shy on London’s Southbank.