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If you are interested in a particular book or image, have a work-related query, or would like to be added to a mailing list, simply email me on j.gibbs577[at]btinternet.com.


Please note that books are seldom available immediately as I tend to bind copies to order and provide postage costs on weighing the finished work.


I take a nominal sum up front to secure the order, with full payment on completion through PayPal, BACs, or by cheque.


Book necklaces and textiles models

For a selection of my book jewellery and textiles models see Rommany, Stagandbow.com, or Shy on

London's Southbank.


My book necklaces are inspired by Medieval and Renaissance books of hours. They contain miniature watercolour images or prints and typically have found vintage book board or embellished leather covers, often sealed with handmade clasps. My textiles and clay creatures and art dolls are stitched from salvaged leather, vintage velvets and silks, and the pelts of my mountain hares are knitted on hatpins with yarn carded from animal hair spun on a drop spindle.